It is time to give students, teachers, and service personnel a voice and make education a number one priority.

Creating & Keeping Jobs in WV

It's time to stop the attack on working people, attract new industry and sustainable jobs.

Balancing the Budget

Our state will not be ran by special interests. That means a practical approach and balanced budget that keeps our state running and provides for our people.

Town Hall Meetings: YOUR Voice

I don't answer to special interest groups. I answer to you. During session, I will not enjoy dinner on a lobbyist's dime. I'm coming back to you. How can I be your voice if I'm not available to listen? 

Right to Work/Prevailing Wage

Right to work is an attack on the ability of workers to organize and have a voice. Our right to organize is the reason we have the protections we enjoy today. Repealing prevailing wage likewise damages West Virginia by diminishing the  quality of craftsmanship of local contractors.

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